Since 2013, Micah and the Farmhouse staff have worked with local and regional farmers, ranchers and producers to not only create 100% organic, non-GMO, healthy-for-you cuisine but also to strengthen the local food network and promote food security through collaborative partnerships. Farmhouse Café currently works with over 20 local suppliers, making the restaurant a shining example of what sustainable business can and should look like. Farmhouse owner Micah Roseberry has over 30 years’ experience in organic, sustainable and biodynamic agriculture and 20 years’ experience in Waldorf education. She is also the co-owner of Cerro Vista Farms in Taos and has worked for the last fifteen years in farming and agricultural-education projects in the local Taos area, including planting gardens and designing and teaching school curriculum for elementary through university students. She is currently teaching sustainable farming classes at the University of New Mexico (Taos).

cuisine that sustains our bodies, our community and Mother Earth.”


Sourced from over 20 local farms and Ranches

“Farmhouse Cafe and Bakery is committed to healthy, local, organic